I celebrate the milestones EAI has passed for the last ten years. It is the devotion of EAI trustees and supporters that enables us to strive to attain several goals we have set since its inception.

The Institute has crafted creative visions suitable for the new world order. Only those who have inspiring visions can prosper in the twenty-first century where global players engage in unprecedented competition. “Complex” diplomacy is one of our ideas that enables us to go beyond outmoded strategic thoughts incubated during the Cold War era. “Coevolutionary” strategy is a farsighted solution to properly defuse tensions on the Korean Peninsula. These strategic insights produced by EAI will shape the future of national, regional, and global citizens.

Our first ten years have also represented the Institute’s continued efforts to propose practical policy recommendations that better our way of life. Even in the twenty-first century, we Koreans are still struggling to overcome the historical legacies of hatred emanating from national division. Furthermore, the two Koreas as ever diverge in tackling common problems resulting from a globalizing world. EAI has been a venue for serious thinkers who endeavor to find innovative solutions to the difficulties we confront. We have deeply regretted that timeworn political ideologies, be they conservative or progressive, still dominate public policy dialogue in democratizing South Korea. Such simplex creeds help us little in dealing with the complex challenges of the twenty-first century. In a world of ideas, EAI has persuaded decisionmakers and practitioners to adopt new ways of conceiving public policies based on our complex and co-evolutionary scheme.

No great ideas have impact without translating them into public policies. The rise of EAI in the global policy idea marketplace bears out the commitment, determination, and perseverance of an army of people who undertake to complete the mission in the Institute. I am proud of all the accomplishments of EAI. With the continued encouragement of our supporters, I am confident we will succeed.

EAI Chairman

Young-Sun Ha