[EAI Roundtable] Two Years of War in Ukraine: What’s Next?

  • 2024-05-24

Date: May 24 (Fri), 2024 1PM – 2:30PM

Location: GF Conference Hall, EAI


As the Russian invasion of Ukraine marked its two-year anniversary last February with no resolution in sight, Ukraine continues to defend itself against Russian aggression. The conflict has had wide-ranging impacts, affecting regions from Europe to Asia and beyond. In response, EAI convened a roundtable with Ukrainian civil society stakeholders to discuss recent developments in Ukraine and explore the war’s implications for East Asia.

During the roundtable, Col. Andrii Ordynovych presented Ukraine’s military strategy, which focuses on maximizing Russian attrition and boosting Ukraine’s offensive capabilities. He emphasized the need for strong international collaboration to enhance security assistance to Ukraine, especially in providing crucial air defense artilleries. Viktoriya Voytsitska then addressed Russia’s ongoing targeting of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, which aims to render cities uninhabitable and provoke a humanitarian crisis. She highlighted the severe risk of blackouts and the potential socio-economic crisis looming as millions may face the cold season without adequate power or heating.

The gravity of the situation in Ukraine was underscored, with Korean experts noting that such a dire crisis could also occur on the Korean Peninsula. They highlighted how the Ukraine war exemplifies modern warfare that extends beyond mere weaponry, damaging the core of humanity. They also called for Ukraine to develop a more persuasive narrative to effectively communicate the far-reaching consequences of the war to international audiences.


Participants (in alphabetical order):

Ukrainian Side

Daria KALENIUK Executive Director, Anti-corruption Action Center (AntAC)

Andrii ORDYNOVYCH Colonel (retired); Former Deputy Military Representative to NATO

Yana SKYBYNETSKA Counsellor & Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Ukraine in ROK

Olena TREGUB Secretary General, NAKO (Independent Defense Anti-Corruption Commission, Transparency International)

Viktoriya VOYTSITSKA Advocacy Director in Energy Sector, International Center for Ukrainian Victory (ICUV)

Korean Side

Hye young CHANG Professor, Chung-Ang University

Chaesung CHUN Chair, EAI National Security Research Center; Professor, Seoul National University

Yul SOHN President, EAI; Professor, Yonsei University



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[EAI Roundtable] Two Years of War in Ukraine: What’s Next?