[EAI Roundtable] Capstone Event: Advancing ROK Parliamentary Support for Democracy Assistance

  • 2024-05-16

Date: May 16 (Thursday), 2024 7AM – 9AM

Location: National Assembly Members’ Office Building (Hybrid)

Over the past eighteen months, EAI has been actively engaging with the members of the ROK National Assembly, scholars, and civil society stakeholders to enhance domestic and regional collaboration for advancing democratic norms and values. Reflecting on our progress, this culminating capstone event sought to gather parliamentarians and experts who have participated in our initiatives to explore ways in which South Korea can take leadership in supporting global democracy.

The event started off with three EAI experts presenting their final insights on anti-corruption, electoral integrity, and democracy aid, outlining how South Korea can leverage its own experiences to support emerging democracies.

Members of the National Assembly emphasized the importance of building a bipartisan network for foreign democracy assistance and elevating public awareness of South Korea's active role in promoting democracy. They also highlighted the need to enhance public understanding of South Korea’s responsibilities as a proactive donor nation in supporting democracies worldwide.

Furthermore, the parliamentarians highlighted the urgent need for South Korea and the U.S. to collaboratively tackle the recent trend of democratic regression, which has been worsened by political polarization and populist movements. They expressed high expectations for the upcoming ROK-U.S. Parliamentary Exchange, set to be initiated during the 22nd National Assembly. This initiative is intended to formalize cooperation between the two nations’ legislative bodies, aiming to further the common objective of promoting global democracy.


Participants (in alphabetical order):

Korean side

Rep. Junghun CHO People Power Party

Rep. Hyungdu CHOI People Power Party

Rep. Haram CHUN Reform Party

Rep. Hee HWANG Democratic Party of Korea

Rep. Hankyu KIM Democratic Party of Korea

Rep. Youngbae KIM Democratic Party of Korea

Rep. Junseok LEE Reform Party


Woo Chang KANG Professor, Korea University

Jung KIM Professor, University of North Korean Studies

Taekyoon KIM Professor, Seoul National University

Sook Jong LEE Senior Fellow, EAI

Yul SOHN President, EAI; Professor, Yonsei University


U.S. side

Manpreet Anand Regional Direcor of Asia-Pacific, NDI

Shanthi Kalathil Board Member, NDI; Former Deputy Assistant to the President and Coordinator for Democracy and Human Rights, NSC

Sarah Yun Country Representative, Korea, NDI


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[EAI Roundtable] Capstone Event: Advancing ROK Parliamentary Support for Democracy Assistance