[KF Korea Workshop 2] Korean Politics

  • 2019-08-07

The KF Korea Workshop is hosted by the Korea Foundation(KF) and organized by the East Asia Institute(EAI) to promote and share understanding of Korean social, political and economic issues among international residents in Korea.

For the second lecture of 2019 KF Korea Workshop 2, Professor Kyungmee Park of Chonbuk National University spoke about “Korean Democracy: Challenges and Development” under the theme of [Korean Politics]

Professor Park began the lecture by explaining Korea’s economic developmental model. She explained that Korea’s economy grew through state-led industrialization and pursuit of dual-track development in both politics and the economy. With the implementation of the five-year plan, Korea was also able to expand its middle class and increase the overall public desire toward democratization. In sum, she highlighted how Korea must address certain political cleavages in order to maintain its democratic regime.

In addressing these political cleavages, Professor Park alluded to three factors: (1) anti-communism, (2) economic growth and distribution, and (3) political regionalism. With regards to anti-communism, she stated that the sentiment led to a divide in the public perception of North Korea. Furthermore, Professor Park also stated that political regionalism exacerbated tensions between the Yeungnam and Honam regions.

Lastly, Professor Park discussed contemporary Korean democracy and its future agenda. New political cleavages have emerged following the year 2010 including generational divides, gender issues, and policies related to these problems. She ended her lecture with the question of how Korea should address these obstacles in the continued pursuit of democracy.

Throughout the Q&A session, Professor Park answered various questions on Korean politics including female politics, former president Park Chung-hee’s leadership and economic developmental policies, nationalism.




Lecture Series

Dates and Times

Korean Enterprises

   "K-Drama and Entertainment"
   Cho, Hyung Jin Co-CEO of Chorokbaem Media

8/7(Wed)  13:00-15:00

Korean Politics

   "Korean Democracy: Challenges and Development"
   Park, Kyungmee Professor at Chonbuk National University

8/7(Wed)  15:30-17:30

Korean Mass Media

   "Journalism Today and Tomorrow"
   Sohn, Jie-Ae Professor at Ewha Womans University

8/8(Thu) 13:00-15:00

Korean Diplomacy and Security

   "2019 Korean Diplomacy"
   Sohn, Yul Professor at Yonsei University; President at EAI

8/8(Thu) 15:30-17:30

Korean Economy

   "Korean Economy: Present and Future"
   Hahm, Joon-Ho Professor at Yonsei University

8/9(Fri) 13:00-15:00

Korean Culture

   "Glimpse of Korea"
   Sun, Seunghye Director of Daejeon Museum of Art

8/9(Fri) 15:30-17:30

[KF Korea Workshop 2] Korean Politics
[KF Korea Workshop 2] Korean Politics
[KF Korea Workshop 2] Korean Politics
[KF Korea Workshop 2] Korean Politics
[KF Korea Workshop 2] Korean Politics
[KF Korea Workshop 2] Korean Politics
[KF Korea Workshop 2] Korean Politics
[KF Korea Workshop 2] Korean Politics