About Us



Chairman Young-Sun HaHonorary professor, Seoul National University
Trustees Sang-Ho Cho Chairman, Nanam Publishing House
Trustees ChulWon Chey CEO, MIGHT&MAIN Corp
Trustees Yooshik Gong Professor, Aju University
Trustees Ha, Hyoung IlSK telecom Corporate Center_Executive Vice President
Trustees Eun-Mo KangCEO, Yuseong Country Club
Trustees Joon KimPresident, Kyungbang
Trustees Sook-Jong LeeProfessor, Sungkyunkwan University & President, EAI
Trustees Hyun-Chin LimProfessor, Seoul National University
Trustees Chan-Keun ParkCEO, BMK Ltd
Trustees Jin-Won ParkOf Counsel, O`Melveny&Myers LLP
Trustees Kenneth ParkVice Chairman&CEO, PSK, Inc
Trustees Sang-Yong Park CEO, Macquarie Securities Korea Limited
Trustees Seung-hoon SunPresident, Sun General Hospital
Trustees Dong-Chan YeoCEO, Exxl Fitness
Trustees Changsoo YooVice Chairman, Eugene Investment & Securities
Auditor Park Jung SupPartner, Dae Joo Accounting Corporation

EAI People

Chairman Young-Sun HaHonorary professor, Seoul National University
President Yul SohnProfessor at Graduate School of International Studies, Yonsei University
President Emeritus Byung-Kook Kim Professor of Political Science, Korea University
Executive Director    
Research Associate, Project Manager Hye-Young BaekDonor Relations, Educational Programs
Research Associate, Project Manager Jinkyung BaekNorth Korea and National Security Research Group, Asia Democracy Research Group
Research Associate, Project Manager / Managing Editor Sooyee ChoiThe Future of China Research Group, Journal of East Asian Studies
Project Manager Minjeong KangFinancial Accounting, Human Resources Management
Research Associate, Project Manager Sea Young KimJapan Research Group, International and Domestic Public Opinion Survey Research Group
Research Associate, Project Manager Younghyun LeeDemocracy and Governance, Internship Program
Research Associate, Project Manager Hyunkang ParkTrade·Technology and Transformation Research Group, Public Relations
Project Manager Yuhyun SungIT & WEB support