EAI has been contributing insight and knowledge with the goal of mitigating this dual challenge. At the heart of this is the work of the National Security Panel (NSP), which has been a wellspring of potential solutions to the foreign policy and security issues facing South Korea. The NSP offers timely and pertinent policy recommendations on current issues including the ROK-US alliance, the North Korean nuclear issue, the rise of China and the US-China rivalry, foreign policy towards neighboring countries, and others. In 2016, the Panel focused on the developing rivalry between the US and China by analyzing different dimensions of the hegemonic competition. Factors considered ranged from conventional military and security issues to maritime concerns, finance, investment, foreign aid, science & technology, knowledge, and informatization. This research culminated in the September 2017 publication of the volume U.S.-China Competition in the Architecture of a Regional Order in the Asia-Pacific, which paints a fresh picture of the true nature of the competition between the two powers.


Table of Contents

Foreword ■ Young-Sun Ha


I Military Order

Chapter 1: Trends in U.S. Defense Budget and Security Strategy ■ Chaesung Chun
Chapter 2: The Current Status and Implications of China's Rising Defense Expenditure ■ Dong Ryul Lee
Chapter 3: U.S. - China Nuclear & Military Strategic Competition ■ Seong-ho Sheen
Chapter 4: U.S.-China Maritime Competition and Security Outlook for the Asia-Pacific Region ■ Young-jun Park
Chapter 5: U.S.- China Competitive Relations and North Korea ■ Jihwan Hwang


II Economic Order

Chapter 6: U.S.-China Economic Relations: GDP Reversal, Interdependence, Institutional Competition ■ Yul Sohn
Chapter 7: Globalization of the Chinese Yuan and Korea's Financial Diplomacy: Inability and Strategic Choice ■ Yong Wook Lee
Chapter 8: U.S.-China Competition for Monetary and Financial Hegemony and Currency War After the Global Financial Crisis: Perspectives on Monetary and Financial Strategies ■ Wang-Hwi Lee
Chapter 9: U.S.-China Economic Strategies for Asia: Focusing on the Relationship between Investment and Aid ■ Seungjoo Lee


III Emerging Order

Chapter 10: U.S.-China Competition for Hegemony and Innovation in Science and Technology ■ Young Ja Bae
Chapter 11: Examining the U.S.- China Social Science Knowledge Systems ■ Hun Joon Kim
Chapter 12: U.S.-China Charm Offensive in Cyber Space: The Future of Information and Culture Industries ■ Sangbae Kim




Major Project

Center for National Security Studies

Detailed Business

National Security Panel (NSP)


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