The EAI has provided ongoing research and institutional assistance to the strengthening of Myanmar civil society organizations since 2015 with the support of National Endowment for Democracy (NED). In 2019, Myanmar Democracy Research Network (MDRN) was formally established and currently includes seven think tanks in Myanmar. As a part of the “Strengthening Civil Society Organizations in Myanmar Year Three” program, series of reports of this paper is focused on public opinion polling and policy research in Myanmar to identify citizen’s perceptions of public policy and make meaningful policy suggestions. Each author was assigned and conducted a survey on an issue such as waste management, public parks, stray dogs, markets, taxation, water distribution system, streets and street lights in Yangon city in Myanmar.       




This paper is organized in nine parts as follows:

  1. Overview of the 2019 MDRN Survey: Citizen Perceptions of YCDC Public Services (East Asia Institute & Hankook Research)
  2. Municipal Solid Waste Management (Naushawng Development Institute)
  3. Parks in Yangon: Accessible Public Parks for All (Another Development)
  4. Stray Dogs in Yangon (Open Myanmar Initiative)
  5. Public Opinion of the Market (Yangon School of Political Science)
  6. Public Opinion Survey on VCDC Taxation (Salween Institute for Public Policy)
  7. Public Opinion Survey on Water Distribution System of YCDC (Sandhi Governance Institute)
  8. The Perceptions of Yangon City Residents of Streets and Streets Lights (Yone Kyi Yar)
  9. Myanmar and Yangon Governance Assessment: Using Importance-Performance Analysis (Hankook Research & East Asia Institute)



  1. Questionnaire for 2019 MDRN Survey
  2. Data books for 2019 MDRN Survey




East Asia Institute, Hankook Research, Naushawng Development Institute, Another Development, Open Myanmar Initiative, Yangon School of Political Science, Salween Institute for Public Policy, Sandhi Governance Institute, and Yone Kyi Yar contributed to the research and writing of each report.

EAI provided support in the form of typesetting and proofreading for the production of the reports.



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