The executive summary of Toward 2020: Ten Agendas for South Korea’s Foreign Policy by the East Asia Institute’s National Security Panel has now been released (Panel Chair Young-Sun Ha, EAI). Launched in March 2011, the National Security Panel’s “Ten Agendas for South Korea’s Foreign Policy” project aimed to provide policy recommendations for the next administration’s foreign policy based on mid- and long-term understanding of changes in the global and regional architecture. This research used the approach of social network analysis by grouping together the different challenges into four clusters and examining how they interlink. Those clusters include governance, security, economy, and the environment for which two to four experts contributed with policy papers. This executive summary is based upon the working paper series on “Ten Agendas for South Korea’s Foreign Policy” originally published in Korean. The following are the abstracts of each paper in English.







The Future Security Order in Asia and South Korea's Strategy

Dong Sun Lee (Korea University)

Prospects for Changes and Stability in Chinese Politics and Economy

Dong Ryul Lee (Dongduk Women’s University) · Bonggyo Seo (Dongduk Women’s University)

Kim Jong-un’s North Korea and Coevolution Strategy for North Korea

Dongho Jo (Ewha Womans University) · Sung-bae Kim (Institute for National Security Strategy)


South Korea’s Maritime Strategy in the 2010s

Min Gyo Koo (Seoul National University)



The Growth of Asian FTA Networks and South Korea’s Strategy: The Possibility of Bilateral Multilateralism

Chi Wook Kim (Ulsan University)

Changing Global Financial Order and South Korea's Choice: Linking Regional Multilateralism with Global Multilateralism

Yong Wook Lee (Korea University)

Changing Architecture of Development Cooperation in the 21st Century and Strategy for South Korea

Seungjoo Lee (Chung-Ang University)



South Korean Diplomacy and International Politics of Environment and Climate Change

Beom-Shik Shin (Seoul National University)

The Emerging Global Energy Architecture: Challenges for Korea by 2020

Younkyoo Kim (Hanyang University)

Aging Population and East Asia Security

Seongho Sheen (Seoul National University)



About the National Security Panel

Since 2004, the East Asia Institute’s National Security Panel of foreign policy and security experts have been providing policy recommendations for South Korea to set the agenda on international security and foreign policy issues. The NSP has published four books: Korea’s Grand Strategy for a New Century: Weaving a Network State (2006), North Korean Nuclear Crisis and Peace on the Korean Peninsula (2006), East Asian Community: Myth and Reality (2008), The Emergence of Complex Alliances in the 21st Century (2010) and Crisis and Complexity: Changing World Order after the Financial Crisis (2011).