The ninth video of the ADRN “Sharing Our Practices for Better Governance” video interview series was produced by King Prajadhipok’s Institute in Thailand. In this interview on the situation of gender equality, Ruengrawee Pichaikul, the Director of the Gender and Development Research Institute (GDRI), argues that although there are no gender restrictions within the constitution or the law, women in politics are particularly vulnerable because the constitution requests political parties to consider an equal distribution of men and women. However, there are no sanctions against this and well-qualified women often find themselves placed on the bottom of candidate lists. Currently, GDRI is working on coordinating women groups within their networks to engage in dialogue with agencies on a variety of relevant political issues as well as advocating for gender equality within both the political sphere and grass root organizations. Pichaikul claims that in order to strengthen gender equality in Thailand, first, public attitudes towards gender must be changed by educating the youth in such a way as not to reinforce traditional stereotypes, and second, politicians must change their mindsets on gender and open up to new perspectives.